Business Blog Topics – 10 Ideas to Get You Started

Not everyone is a natural when it comes to business blogging and it can be difficult at the outset to think of topics you should write about.

Fear not, we’ve compiled 10 great business blogging topics below to help get you started;


Write employee profiles

This can help give your small business more of a personality, just make sure you get your employee’s permission before adding their details.

Write a ‘day in the life of’ style post

Writing about a specific day will help people see what challenges you have to face and how you go about dealing with them.

Make predictions for your industry

Readers of your blog will like to see your industry predictions for the following quarter or 12 months and if any of your predictions come true, you should mention this on your blog as well.

Ask an expert

Write a blog post which gives your readers the opportunity to ask you anything they want about your company or industry and then publish a selection of questions along with your answers.

A look at a complementary industry

If for example you’re a web designer you may want to write your own take on the copywriting industry or have a copywriter put together a guest blog article for you on the subject.

Use a case study

Telling people about how you helped someone else or another company is a good way to put your experience across. It’s wise to make your case study as honest as possible as people won’t be fooled by outlandish claims.

Discuss topical news stories

If there’s been a major story in the press about your industry then you should give your own opinion on the issue and try to find a unique angle.

Ask your blog readers what they’d like to see

If you’re not sure what topics people are interested in reading about then why not ask them?

Interview a leading industry figure

If you can get a leading figure in your industry to agree to an interview and publish it on your blog, this could help you attract a lot more readers for that and future blog posts.

Write a “How to” post

Not everyone out there will be able to afford your products or services so depending on your industry, you can write one or a series of “How to” articles which give advice to people on how to do things themselves which has the added benefit of portraying you as an expert in your field.