Google Analytics – A Beginner’s Guide

Our beginner’s guide to Google Analytics is aimed at small businesses that maybe haven’t heard of it or used it before.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free application which allows you to track a whole host of information regarding your website visitors.

In order to set it up you need to place a small piece of code on your own website which is then used to gather all the necessary data.

What information does it provide?

Google Analytics provides a wealth of useful information including;

  • How many people have viewed your site over a given period
  • How long they’ve spent on your site
  • What keywords they used to find your website
  • What websites provided traffic to your site
  • Where in the world visitors accessed your site from
  • What pages on your site received the most visitors

The points listed above are just some of the areas that Google Analytics can supply information on and because it’s completely free to use, it’s a must for any small business with a website.

It’s one thing having access to all this information but it counts for nothing if you aren’t prepared to act on it.

Why is Google Analytics important for my website?

The information provided by Google Analytics is important because it highlights areas where your website is performing well and more importantly lets you see where it could be improved using SEO.