Edge SEO

What is Edge SEO?

Edge SEO is an innovative optimisation technique that allows for quick SEO implementations without being limited by development bottlenecks. It works by making changes “on the edge” – that is, leveraging edge computing services that sit in front of a website rather than directly on the site’s servers.

Edge computing refers to processing that happens at edge servers located closer to end users. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) like Cloudflare provide edge computing services.

With Edge SEO, optimisations are deployed using CDN features like Cloudflare Workers. This allows SEO changes to be made without having to edit the underlying codebase.

Edge SEO overcomes obstacles like long development queues, legacy systems, and platform limitations. It gives marketers and SEOs more control and flexibility to implement important enhancements for security, speed, and search visibility.

Why is Edge SEO Important?

There are several key reasons why Edge SEO has become an essential part of a modern technical SEO strategy:

  • Overcome developer bottlenecks – No need to wait months for development teams to deploy website optimisations. Edge SEO allows the rapid implementation of recommendations.
  • Implement changes quickly – Edge SEO gives the ability to deploy fixes and improvements in hours/days rather than weeks/months.
  • Reduce costs – No need for expensive development resources. Edge SEO is cost-effective.
    Ideal for large, complex sites – Quickly scale optimisations across hundreds of pages. Edge SEO is perfect for enterprise or ecommerce websites.
  • Compete in fast-moving SEO landscape – In dynamic SEO environments, Edge SEO provides flexibility to pivot strategies quickly.

How Does Edge SEO Work?

Edge SEO relies on edge computing and CDNs. Here’s a look at how it works:

  • Edge computing refers to processing that is performed at edge servers located closer to end users rather than central servers. This improves speed and reduces latency.
  • CDNs like Cloudflare have a network of edge servers worldwide that cache and distribute content.
  • Cloudflare Workers provide serverless computing on these edge servers, allowing you to run JavaScript code without configuring/maintaining servers.
  • With Edge SEO, optimisations are deployed using Workers that manipulate requests/responses between users and origin servers.
  • For example, a Worker can rewrite HTML, CSS, or add security headers before sending pages to users

Edge SEO Use Cases and Examples

Some examples of how Edge SEO can be utilised:

  • Hreflang implementation – Edge SEO allows quick roll-out of hreflang tags at scale for international SEO.
  • Redirect management – Easily set up global redirects without being limited by server technology.
  • Security header implementation – Add security headers like CSP in minutes without taxing main servers.
  • A/B testing – Test changes with different page variations using Edge SEO.
  • Log file collection – Collect logs even if your platform blocks access.
  • Quick meta tag and content changes – Useful for rolling out urgent SEO-related changes.

The Benefits of Edge SEO

Adopting an Edge SEO strategy delivers many benefits:

  • Speed and agility – Rapidly trial and deploy optimisations to outpace competitors.
  • Reduced reliance on developers – No need to wait for developers or edit code yourself.
  • Overcome platform limitations – Fix performance issues caused by outdated systems.
  • Cost-effective scaling – Edge SEO allows large-scale changes without expensive dev work.
  • Enhanced SEO control – Fine-tune sites without relying on others. Implement fixes on your terms.

Why Choose Shake Digital for Edge SEO?

As industry-leading Edge SEO experts, Shake Digital is uniquely positioned to help businesses maximise their search visibility through edge computing techniques.

  • Our optimisation expertise – We stay on top of innovations like Edge SEO to improve speed, security and user experience.
  • Experience implementing advanced Edge SEO – We’ve already used Edge SEO for many brands to achieve agile scalability by utilising our own Edge SEO software (BlackEdge).
  • Custom solutions for complex sites – We specialise in strategic optimisations tailored to individual business needs.
  • Laser focus on performance, security, and ROI – Our solutions balance complexity with business growth.


What is Edge SEO?

Edge SEO refers to search engine optimisation implemented using edge computing services like Cloudflare Workers to make changes without directly editing site code.

How does Edge SEO work?

It relies on content delivery networks that have edge servers closer to users. Code run on these edge servers can manipulate content before sending it to visitors.

Why is Edge SEO important for SEO?

It provides agility to roll out optimisations faster without developer bottlenecks. This helps compete in volatile SEO landscapes.

What are the benefits of Edge SEO?

Speed of implementation, reduced costs/reliance on developers, ability to scale, and flexibility to experiment are some of the main benefits.

How can Edge SEO help my business?

It can help rapidly improve site security, performance, and search visibility through easy implementation of optimisations.

What can Edge SEO be used for?

Some common use cases are hreflang tags, redirects, A/B testing, security headers, meta tag changes, and content adjustments.

Is Edge SEO safe to use?

Generally, Edge SEO is safe but it’s important to test thoroughly and have proper monitoring to avoid conflicts with the origin site.

How much does Edge SEO cost?

Costs vary based on site complexity and the types of optimisations needed. Contact us to arrange a quote for your specific needs.

Where does Shake Digital offer SEO services?

Shake Digital is based in Scotland and offers SEO services in the following locations: