White Label SEO

White label SEO allows agencies to sell and deliver expert SEO services to clients under their own brand name, without needing to handle the work themselves. By partnering with an experienced white label SEO company like Shake Digital, you can easily expand your service offerings and take on more clients, without the need to build an in-house SEO team.

Our white label SEO solutions are the secret weapon for agencies looking to scale their business. We handle all the complex SEO work, from audits to link building, so you can impress clients without extra overhead costs. With over 10 years of proven results across diverse industries, our tailored strategies help agencies increase profits, generate more revenue, and keep clients happy.

Eliminate the burden of managing SEO in-house and unlock new business growth opportunities with Shake Digital’s specialised white label SEO services. Keep reading to learn more about how our solutions can set your agency up for long-term success.

Benefits of White Label SEO

Grow Your Client Base

Our white label SEO solutions make it easy to scale your agency without large upfront investments. You can start offering proven SEO services to new and existing clients, even on a tight budget. We handle all the heavy lifting – you simply sell our solutions as your own and take on more customers.

Expand your service portfolio with Shake Digital’s expert SEO capabilities without spending time and money on hiring, training and managing an in-house team. Our white label SEO allows you to easily increase profits and revenue by taking on more clients and expanding your agency.

Access Our SEO Expertise

When you partner with Shake Digital, you gain access to a team of specialised SEO experts with years of experience optimising websites across diverse industries. We stay updated on the latest algorithm changes and industry best practices, so your clients benefit from strategies that deliver real results.

Rather than attempting to build in-house SEO expertise, our white label solutions let you leverage our skills to create tailored campaigns optimised for your clients’ unique goals. We handle the complexity of SEO for you, while you reap the rewards of expanded service offerings.

Focus on Your Strengths

SEO is complicated, and keeping up with constant changes takes considerable time and effort. Our white label SEO services allow you to outsource the hassle of optimising websites so you can devote more resources towards strengthening your core business offerings.

You don’t need to worry about training employees or keeping up with the finer details of SEO. As your white label partner, we manage all technical optimisations and campaign execution behind the scenes so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Cost Savings

Developing in-house SEO expertise requires significant investment in tools, software and specialist employees. Our white label solutions spare you these costs by giving you access to our resources and experts.

You avoid expenses associated with hiring and training an SEO team, allowing you to offer SEO services profitably. Higher profit margins compared to in-house SEO enable faster growth and improved bottom lines for your agency.

Our White Label SEO Process

Strategy Development

We start every white label project by getting deep insights into your client’s business through extensive keyword and competitor research. Using these inputs, we develop a tailored SEO strategy optimised to meet their specific goals and targets.

Our strategic planning focuses on industry best practices to build effective campaigns personalised to each client. We ensure their website and SEO efforts are set up for long-term sustainable success based on their unique requirements.


Once the strategy is finalised, we execute the planned optimisations across technical, on-page and off-page areas. Leveraging the latest SEO software and tools, we roll out link building, content improvements, technical fixes and other initiatives.

During implementation, we continuously track campaign performance to identify opportunities for refinement. Our data-driven approach means we can adapt and optimise campaigns based on real results.


We provide your agency with customised white label SEO reports each month to update your clients on campaign progress. These reports track rankings across target keywords along with other key metrics like traffic volume, leads generated and conversions.

More importantly, we don’t just present SEO data – our reports contain clear insights, recommendations, and next steps drawn from analysing performance. This helps your clients understand how our efforts are impacting their business.


An assigned account manager will be your single point of contact for ongoing collaboration and communication. We are available to answer any questions you or your clients may have about our SEO initiatives and reporting.

As your white label partner, we continue optimising and improving campaigns over time to exceed your clients’ goals. Full transparency and regular status updates ensure you are always looped in.

White Label SEO Services Offered

SEO Auditing

Our expert SEO audits identify problems negatively impacting your client’s search visibility and discover quick-win opportunities to improve rankings. We evaluate from multiple angles, including:

  • Technical audits to resolve site speed, security, and indexing issues
  • On-page audits to improve page-level optimisation
  • Off-page audits to assess and enhance link profiles

Following the audit, we provide a clearly outlined roadmap and list of prioritised recommendations to kickstart ranking improvement. Our audits form the base for developing an effective SEO strategy tailored to your client’s website.

Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research uncovers the terms and phrases that your client’s target audience is searching for. We uncover the highest potential keywords that are relevant for your client to target based on search volume, competitiveness, and intent.

This enables us to optimise pages for the right keywords that will drive qualified organic traffic to their site. Our experts analyse which keywords competitors are already ranking for and discover fresh opportunities.

Content Creation

High-quality content is vital for improving SEO authority and rankings. Our white label content services produce custom articles, blogs, press releases and other content optimised with focus keywords.

We develop informative, engaging content that provides value to users while also ranking for target keywords. Our writing keeps your brand voice and style in mind. Content creation bolsters your client’s domain authority, improves site content quality, and establishes their expertise.

Link Building

Link building involves gaining backlinks from external high-authority websites relevant to the client’s industry. We specialise in manual outreach to build high-quality links through guest posting, influencer partnerships, and other white hat tactics.

Securing backlinks to pages and content boosts their authority in search engines’ eyes, ranking them higher. Our experts identify and contact potential websites to place custom-created content and links pointing back to your client’s domain. Link building rapidly accelerates SEO results.

Local SEO

For businesses operating in specific geographic locations, local SEO optimises their visibility to connect with nearby customers. Our experts help your clients show up prominently on Google My Business, Google Maps and other local listings.

We optimise pages and content to rank better for location-based keywords like “pizza restaurants in Edinburgh”. This drives more foot traffic by making your client discoverable to local searchers.

Technical SEO

A technically optimised site forms the foundation for SEO success. Our technical audits identify and fix issues impacting site performance like slow page speeds, broken links, meta tag problems etc.

We ensure proper setup of XML sitemaps, robots.txt, structured data markup and other technical elements vital for visibility. Optimizing site architecture, URL structures, image optimisation and internal linking helps boost rankings. Our technical SEO establishes the optimal site infrastructure.

International SEO

For clients expanding into new countries, our international SEO specialists adapt strategies to target foreign markets. We translate content, research local keywords and customise optimisation for language and cultural nuances.

Our localisation ensures your multinational clients rank well across geographies and tap into new customer demographics. We help you enter new territories equipped with optimised SEO tailored for each region.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide comprehensive reporting to track rankings for target keywords along with key metrics like organic traffic, leads, and conversions generated by SEO. Our white label reporting keeps clients updated on campaign health.

Rather than just presenting data, we offer actionable insights drawn from analysing performance fluctuations, changes in rankings, and competitor benchmarking. This helps shape ongoing strategy and optimisation.

Customised dashboards allow monitoring progress at a glance. Robust analytics translates raw numbers into meaningful SEO intelligence.

Support & Optimisation

An assigned account manager provides ongoing support and is available to answer any questions. We don’t just optimise SEO campaigns once and leave them be – our experts continuously refine strategies based on the latest results and trends.

We constantly A/B test elements like meta titles, headings, and content to maximise outcomes. Our hands-on approach means we optimise pages even after reaching top rankings to stay ahead of competitors.

Proactive monitoring and swift response to issues like algorithm changes, new competitor content, or penalties ensures sustained success. We are committed to delivering long-term white label SEO excellence.

Why Choose Shake Digital As Your White Label SEO Agency?

With over 10 years of SEO experience collectively across our specialised team, Shake Digital has a strong track record of securing top search rankings for clients across diverse industries. Our strategic expertise and tailored optimisation continuously evolve to keep up with Google’s algorithm.

We take time to understand each client’s unique business goals and challenges, and map their industry landscape to develop truly customised SEO strategies, unlike cookie-cutter approaches some agencies implement. Our white label solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflows for smooth collaboration focused on tangible growth.

Our team stays on top of the latest trends and technologies to give your agency a competitive edge. From leveraging AI for content creation to experimenting with new link building tactics, we leave no stone unturned to drive optimal outcomes through innovation.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our specialised white label SEO solutions can set your agency up for increased profits, happier clients, and five-star growth.

White Label SEO FAQs

What is white label SEO?

White label SEO involves an agency selling expert SEO services to their clients, which are actually handled and delivered by a third-party SEO provider. The client only sees the agency’s brand, allowing the agency to expand its service offerings without doing the complex SEO work themselves.

How does white label SEO work?

The SEO provider handles audits, strategy, implementation, reporting and optimisation for the client, while the agency sells and manages the client relationship. The SEO partner equips the agency with white label reporting and materials branded with the agency logo to resell the services as their own.

What are the benefits of white label SEO?

Agencies don’t need to hire in-house SEO specialists and can offer more services to clients. It helps agencies grow their clientele and revenue without extra overhead. The SEO partner handles the heavy lifting so agencies can focus on their core strengths.

What services do you offer as part of white label SEO?

We offer end-to-end SEO campaign services from audits to link building and technical optimisation, along with customised reporting and support. Agencies can choose the specific solutions they want or leverage our full SEO capabilities.

How can I customise reports for my clients?

Our team provides completely white label reports tailored to your agency’s brand colors, logo and messaging. We’ll collaborate to ensure reports contain the data and insights most valuable to your clients. Fully customised for seamless integration.

How do you ensure results with white label SEO?

Our 10+ years of expertise, proven strategies, continuous optimisation and tracking of real keyword rankings/traffic data allow us to deliver tangible SEO results. Clear communication and alignment on goals keeps everyone on the same page.

How can I monitor the progress of SEO campaigns?

Our white label dashboard gives full visibility into rankings across keywords, traffic, backlinks gained, conversions and other key metrics so you can monitor campaign health. We also provide analysis of results and recommendations in monthly reports.

How can I offer competitive SEO pricing to clients?

Our specialised team and automated workflows make our white label SEO services cost-effective. We can offer discounted pricing that allows your agency to price campaigns competitively for clients while maintaining profitability.

How do you onboard new white label SEO clients?

Our dedicated account manager will schedule a kickoff call to gather info about the new client’s business, goals, competitors etc. We’ll then develop a tailored SEO proposal for your review before beginning implementation. Ongoing communication ensures a smooth transition.

What makes your white label SEO service unique?

Our highly tailored strategies based on in-depth research into each client, end-to-end technical and content optimisation, continuous tracking of real keyword results, and deep account management make our white label service stand apart.

Where does Shake Digital offer SEO services?

Shake Digital is based in Scotland and offers SEO services in the following locations: